Toronto Spring Motorcycle Show March 2015

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There’s a certain sense of freedom one gets when on two wheels with the flies splatting face, wings in your beard and a ‘cager’ on your back.  It’s not just a hobby, it’s a life style as any rider knows.

Many ask me what type of bike I ride and the standard HD is the 1st on the list.  Always being the one to choose my own path when it’s on foot, online or on a bike I have always went against the expected grain.  My personal preference are the Nomad series of cruiser motorcycles from Kawasaki with preference going to the Kawasaki Meanstreak which sadly is no longer in production.  However as any rider knows, it’s all about customizing your own ride anyway and the ‘base’ is just the start to the ride and it grows from there.

Whenever there is a motorcycle show and my schedule is free I try and attend if anything just to quell that cabin fever one gets from a long cold winter of not being able to ride.

This spring show I brought along one of my favourite Uncle D ASSproved booty models named ‘Gypsy’ to snap a few pics with the custom rides and ad a little of my own Uncle D Style eye candy for the crowd. As luck would have it she ran into one of her family members working the show and did her best to hide the ‘beast’ by her side. Fail. lol  Even though I was at an event with my fellow tattooed bearded brethren, the synchronistic chances of being spotted are Aces up 🙂

I asked her if she has other ‘friends’ that look like me with the answer being a giggling ‘no’, thus why the look of ‘fear & worry’ was on her family members face lol

Fair enough & I understand.

At any rate it was a decent show with a variety of vendors, custom rides, and even a guest appearance from one of the actors from Sons of Anarchy.

Toss in a few Uncle D Style booty shoots with Gypsy’s ass and my camera and it was an entrance fee well spent.

Uncle D Assman