Toronto Motorama Car Show March 2015

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Toronto Motorama Car Show March 2015

I was chatting online with one of my past booty models who mentioned she was one of the ‘retro’ models at the old school car show in Toronto @ the International Center called Motorama.It was a Saturday that I had no pressing plans other than a night of editing ‘ass’ pics for so decided to take a trip out tot he show.

Worse case scenario I at least get to meet up with a past model and see how she has filled into her current ‘wardrobe’. 🙂

The entrance fee was $20 at the gate but like the good ol maritimer I am, I naturally checked online for discount coupons which they did have a $3 off coupon to print out.  I’m not one for having printers with my travel routine or being a financial slave to over priced, pocket draining ink cartridges so I opted to give back to the show & pay the full amount.  But it is good to know the option is out there for those on a budget or when traveling in groups.  Hell that’s half the fee for a cold one. 😛

I’ve been to a number of Mopar muscle car events on my travels and the work put into the vehicles at the Motorama  car show did not let down the most dedicated of old school ride fanatics.

A lot of times I usually have a booty model with me to snap some pics with the vehicles for future websites updates but this day I was flying solo however the Uncle D fans were there in full force.  A number of fans recognized their favourite Uncle D Assman from the tv show Webdreams when ‘Fridays Without Borders’ was a night worth staying in and watching tv.

The event featured 3 full convention halls of old & new school rides as well as a dedicated stage for their featured guests.  Toss in a few cuties with booties walking around and finishing the event off with a pic of my pASSt model and it was a $20 worth dropping to support the cause and keep great shows alive & revving until next year.