The Unchained Video Shoot. Phoenix March 2015

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The Unchained Video Shoot @ The Phoenix March 2015.

I have been ‘linked’ with the crew of The Unchained since the beginning days of ‘Easy Sleezy‘ which began with 2 of the most incredible hard hitting CD’s independent Canadian musicians have ever created!!  At least in my well versed creative opinion.  I may be slightly biased by stating that but when it’s this good one can’t help but be influenced.

Since the creative continuation into the line up known as The Unchained the crew has surpassed all expectations of what can and can not be done int he world of independent hard hitting rock & roll.  Hell they don’t even have a dedicated front man as a singer but have focused all their creative energy into doing what many have said couldn’t be done.  Same was said about me when I began photographing non nude ass.  The proof is in the fact of the numerous accomplishments & more to come.

This day I received a call from my brother from another mother & drummer of The Unchained, Mr. Ryan Abramowitz , to help out with the filming of their next music video release.  This particular video will include guest vocalist & Canadian hard rock legend Nick Walsh formerly known from the Juno nominated band ‘Slick Toxic‘.

My role today was to add my Uncle D style of videography and capture the bands performance along with a few other seasoned camera peeps.  At least that’s what I thought my only role was for today until I showed up and the band said they went shopping for my days attire which featured a grey wool ‘sweater vest’ to play the role of the ‘dad’ as part of the script.  At that moment I knew these guys either were far sighted or needed to be tested for cataracts as this ‘look’ of mine isn’t exactly family friendly lol  I’m a good sport and can laugh at myself as much as I do ‘you’ so I donned the sweater vest and brought the fatherly tough love.

During filming it was pretty hard to keep a non smiling face as I felt absolutely out of my element dressed as such and humourously mocked ‘I’m an Assman, not an actor’ lol

It was a full day of shooting at the renowned Toronto venue ‘The Phoenix Concert Theatre’ which we are eternally grateful for allowing access to complete this video project.

Stay tuned for this new video release from The Unchained called ‘Tattoos & Cigarettes’

Uncle D Assman