‘The Unchained’ Opens For ‘Iron Maidens’

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‘The Unchained’ Opens For The Iron Maidens @ The Phoenix In Toronto.

This night was many nights in the making with numerous obstacles since the conception of this musical idea from the lingering ring of the days of being ‘Easy Sleezy’.

The night started off with opening act deVah Quartet based out of Toronto which features an all female string quartet with edge & a male session drummer to bring the hard ‘beat’ to life for tonight’s audience of heavy Iron Maiden fans. I was thoroughly impressed both musically & ‘visually’ and highly recommend you check out & support this up & coming Canadian act.


My brother’s from another mother, ‘The Unchained‘ were on cue to be the 2nd musical act of the night with an unexpected request from the band for their favourite Uncle D to do ‘my style’ of F Bomb intro to set the tone and let the sails sale.

That I most definitely did and was so very cool to have so many of my own fans in the crowd who appreciate my tone n flow on the mic to set the stage for the instrumental assault by The Unchained that was about to be unleashed.

They hit hard. They hit fast. They hit the notes very few are able to hit for an instrumental hard rock band with the exception of guest vocalist Nicholas Walsh from the Juno nominated 90’s band ‘Slick Toxic‘.

Nick & The Unchained collaborated on a new tune which is appropriately called ‘Tattoos & Cigarettes’.

This musical addition has a great twist as The Unchained has partnered with Music Counts , a Canadian based charity whose mission is to ensure that children in Canada, regardless of socio-economic circumstances or cultural background, have access to a music program through their school or community. The Unchained are donating all monthly sales for each song to MuisCounts in order to help drive awareness and donations for such a great cause.

The performance by The Unchained was exceptional as always & a much appreciated notch in the belt of musical accomplishments to all those that said a hard rock instrumental band wouldn’t work. The proof is in the chug chug of a low E string.

The Iron Maidens followed and did not disappoint and every Iron Maiden fan in the house had their hard rock fix satisfied this night as these ladies rocked the stage & instruments like none other.

If you didn’t get a chance to make the show, below are a few Youtube links videos of The Unchained performances.  Please support Canadian music that doesn’t suck!!!

Uncle D Assman

Uncle D Assman Introduces The Unchained @ The Phoenix


The Unchained Video With Nicholas Walsh Performing ‘Tattoos & Cigarettes’

The Unchained #1


The Unchained #2