Tattoos, Blood, & Tortuous Tales That Are Timed, Tested & True

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Tattoos, Blood, & Tortuous Tales That Are Timed, Tested & True

My 1st tattoo was when I was 16 years old of a simple rose on my right shoulder which was influenced by Paul Stanley of KISS.  My childhood friend, Jason Wolfgang Piecha & I both decide to loose the virginity to a tattoo needle and get the same rose tattoo. I know, how fkn sweet.  Hey it was the damn 80’s and I was a 16 year old kid.  Deal with it. I’m still here, 5 dozen tattoo needles later 🙂

As anyone that has ever shed their hemoglobin for an influx of indian ink & tattoo needles will contest that once you get one, you can guarantee the tease for another soon follows.

My tattoo addiction soon grew to a spider web under the initial rose followed by the seed of a rose being planted on the right chest which eventually took on a ‘life of eden’ of its own with a right arm amassed with spiders & webs balanced out with a left handed affair of roses & vines.

The ‘family’ soon grew to include my child hood Spider Man, Venom & Spawn influence of a center chest tattoo of a spider with a massive back spider tattoo that took 3 sittings to complete.  Well sort of complete as their is more to do but I’m a little gun shy of the ‘skinned alive’ feeling that one gave me.  Yes, even I shy away from that burn on massive pieces like that.  I don’t like it, but I am old school and finish what I started.

Compliments for the majority of my initial tattoos go to Greg Kid from located in Toronto at Spadina & College.

I grew up when having that lion’s mane was the theme of the 80’s dream and went through the hair era of being referenced to locks like Bon Jovi, Sebastian Bach & even the Rob Zombie/gothic metal era. However we all eventually need to wake up to the current reality we reside in and a change of locks was in order as the price of Paul Mitchel & Joico conditioner was killing my spending $ so on a spontaneous road trip to Nova Scotia I randomly stopped in a small town in northern Quebec to have a local francophone barber do what he does and buzz the scalp.

It’s amazing what lies beneath the turf when the glint of the dash cam light reflects reality of the turf with no follicle surf.

I just realize I have new flesh for new ink. 🙂

Amber Thorpe from Adept Tattoos in Halifax Nova Scotia took my scalp virginity again by adding her miraculous skill of prick a needle & bleed the flesh to replace it with a crown of thorns for this traveling sinner. My st head tattoo was a whole new 2 hour experience and I was close to tapping out after 1:50 minutes as this was a whole new level of tolerance with the vines tattoo include lower skull, both side skulls and blending into the neck.  Three different types & thicknesses of flesh.  You can just imagine.

She did an incredible job.

Soon thereafter another Cape Breton brother from another mother offered to add his flare to the scalp tattoo which included a needed redo of a spider I had tattooed on the scalp crown by SalsTattoo but do to my restless friction of head to pillow caused a large amount of color drop out.  I decided to reside with the roots in Cape Breton for a winter and decided to take up Steve from Steve’s Tattooing in Cape Breton on the offer to touch up the spider skull.

As usual he added his own unique colorful touch with added roses and the piece was back to it’s finished state again.

Am I done??

You certainly tell yourself you are done after every jab of the needle but like most that have spoken with the porcelain princess, we always return when the moment becomes a memory and we trick ourselves into believing it was never that bad.

Addiction are like that.

Uncle D Assman