Love & Sex Show In St. Johns, NFLD 2015

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Love & Sex Show In St. Johns, NFLD 2015.

I received an interesting call that the east coast needed an east coaster to head a littler further east for a special guest appearance at the launch of the new Love and Sex Show 2015.

The show kicks off in St. Johns Newfoundland & your favourite Uncle D Assman was asked to host the UncleD ASSproved booty contest.  I am originally from Nova Scotia and brought my rawness on stage to shine the light on those Atlantic east coast curves.

It was a rather memorable weekend as you can see from the attached photos and can expect more from this trip to be featured on .

Even though I am a Cape Bretoner this was my 1st trip to Newfoundland and was very cool to have so many of my fellow maritimers appreciate the art of the derriere as much as I do.

We arrived in mid May having flown in from Toronto where spring had finally set in at a neck warming 20+ degrees Celsius whereas this furthest part of eastern Canada was still bone chillingly cold when the sun dropped.  Weather one gets use to if you’re breathing that fresh salted air day in and day out but either I’m getting too old or been away from the east cold air far too long as I was shivering like a rookie during the witching hour.  Thankfully this beard is actually functional as well as fashionable to serve as an added scarf of warmth.

I did manage to browse the renowned ‘George Street’ and was genuinely impressed with the number of beautiful ladies frequenting the street & dance floors.  The maritime warmth & friendliness was in full affect and I highly recommend those considering visiting this part of my great country to do so.

You can check out more of your favourite Uncle D Assman this fall and coming January at the Toronto and Halifax EverythingToDoWithSex Show where I feature allt he new Uncle D clothing merchandise to give you something a little bit cooler than the discount rack at the local Wallymart 🙂

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