Everything To Do With Sex Show Toronto 2014

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Everything To Do With Sex Show Toronto 2014

The Everything To Do With Sex Show has been a staple of ‘fall’ entertainment in Toronto for 17 plus years and has amassed an ever growing legion of fans.

Curious as to what actually happens at a sex show?  Well everything… but sex. lol  Mind you it’s a different story at the after parties & hotel rooms. 🙂

The Toronto Everything To Do With Sex show offers featured entertainers on the main stage, a seminar room for fun educational adult lectures all weekend, a kink corner for all you shades of grey seekers, a celebrity star & exotic art area as well as a wellness zone.  I recommend you visit www.EverythingToDoWithSex.com for details of all their shows.

Each fall I launch the new lines of Uncle D merchandise featuring new logos on my line of winter touques, baseball caps, Support Assman hoodies, & t-shirts as well as Uncle D ASSproved booty shots & baby t’s for the ladies.

Hope to see everyone at future shows and feel free to browse the images below of highlights from the show as well as checking out my Uncle D Merchandise to pickup your own Support Assman